The tools below will be added to Master Tool in the forth coming months.

Please check back at this site for updates.

Comment Recorder

The Comment Recorder facilitates the insertion of notes (or comments) around a spreadsheet using a popup entry form. Comments can then be typed whilst the model is viewed. The information is stored on a separate sheet inserted in the model or in a new workbook generated for the purpose. 

When �updated�, the associated range reference and other information is automatically stored - which allows the user to return when clicking back through the Comments.

Find Tool

More sophisticated version of Excels own facility. Searches through a worksheet or, if required, an entire workbook for a string of characters.

Identified cell references can be shaded or output as a list to a new workbook generated for the task. Other search criteria can be set, including looking for external links.

Graph Tool

Allows the quick generation of graphs from a selected range. This is particularly useful when one graph per row of data is required. The tool automatically titles both the x and y axis.

Range Comparison

Compares two ranges to identify differences in cell formulas, inputs and results. The ranges can be on different sheets or even different workbooks.

Identified differences can be highlighted or output as a list in a new workbook generated for the task.

Sensitivity Sheets

Inserts a sheet into the model containing the frozen values of a selected worksheet, typically an output sheet. Two further sheets are inserted and then populated with formulas that show the percentage and absolute difference between the output sheet and its frozen copy. The effects of changes to inputs of the model can then clearly be identified.

Excel macro security should be set to medium BEFORE down load commences (this can be done in Excel by selecting Tools, Macro & Security). Macros should then be "enabled" when Excel asks for it as the file starts to open.




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