This website is dedicated to all Excel users who recognise the deficiencies of the default interface provided by Microsoft.
For example, the requirement to perform repetitive operations when undertaking simple tasks - such as unhiding more than one sheet at a time.

Excel also possesses many useful features - some of which can significantly effect calculations - that are "buried" in the Visual Basic Editor (Alt -F11).

These tools have therefore been developed for both professional builders of large models as well as the casual Excel user. Simple real-time pop-up screen interfaces allow frequent tasks to be automated, whilst even the inexperienced can now detect and manipulate "buried" functionality - without resorting to Visual Basic.

Link Tracer - a significant improvement on Excels own precedent and dependant tracing facility, allowing the user to explore the entire tree at will.

Sheet Manager - allows instant sheet status evaluation and property manipulation.

Range Name Manager - allows instant range name status evaluation and property manipulation.

Colour Structure - provides instant colouring of a worksheet to identify the underlying formula structure.

Useful Tools - mixed bag of utilities covering common spreadsheet operations.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the Master Tools, please feel free to email me at 

Please check back at this site for upgrades to the existing tools and the addition of new ones.

Excel macro security should be set to medium BEFORE down load commences (this can be done in Excel by selecting Tools, Macro & Security). Macros should then be "enabled" when Excel asks for it as the file starts to open.







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