Master Tool is a WinZip download of approximately 1.6Mb in size. Once uncompressed it is in the form of an Excel "Add-In" with the ".xla" extension that has been written for use with Excel 2000.



To initiate download click here and select a directory for storage. Save the WinZip file to the desired directory and then unzip the compressed file once the download is complete.


After Master Tool has been unzipped, select "Add-Ins" from the "tools" dropdown on the main Excel menu bar.  If this option is greyed out, open up a blank workbook first.


From within the "Add-Ins" form, select "Browse" and navigate to the directory that Master Tools has been unzipped in. Select it and press "OK".


Master Tool V1.5 should now appear in the "Add-Ins" form with a "tick" beside it. Press "OK" to exit and the macro menu "Master Tool" should appear in the Excel title bar.


Select it and then from the drop down select "Display Icon Menu". From this menu the individual tools can be selected and their respective icon will appear.

Please click on the thumbnail below to open up an example  view.

iconmenu.jpg (133585 bytes)


Excel macro security should be set to medium BEFORE down load commences (this can be done in Excel by selecting Tools, Macro & Security). Macros should then be "enabled" when Excel asks for it as the file starts to open.




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